Didier Oberle


Didier Oberle was born and raised in France.

Since he was a little boy he has been moving and traveling around in France, living different places. At the age 16 he started in Circus School "Cie Des Oiseaux" in Chaterauroux. In the years after he performed in different shows as a dancer and in 1996 he went to Amsterdam for performing and dancing. Here he joined "Corpus" as an acrobat. Later on he started in "Close Act" a Dutch street performance show, as an acrobat, firespitter and acrobatic expression stiltwalker. With "Close Act" he performed a lot of different places and countries here among Denmark where he descided to move in 2004. He started to teach at the Danish Circus School "AFUK" in acrobatic and later on Parkour for a few years. In 2007 he went back to Holland to perform in "La Dia". In 2010 he went to the Royal Danish Theater in the production "På den anden side". As a part of BLAM Didier is showing his talent for stunt, parkour and slapstick.


Didier is an sublime, sofisticated and perfectionistic performer. Whenever or wherever he performs he always does it with an elegance but yet powerfully and strong attitude.

Didier has got a special talent for acrobatic, slapstic, dance, gymnastic moves, parkour and stunt.

Didier is charaterised by his muscular and well trained body.

He is always full of power and its a joy to watch him moving, dancing or flying around.